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Iniciativa Socioambiental

Humane, responsible and sustainable attitudes are extremely important to Cosmotec. Through a project called Projeto Social Estrelinhas-do-Mar ("Little Starfish Project"), Cosmotec develops activities in several institutions. Corporate volunteering enriches teamwork, awakening new potentials and creating an environment of friendship and companionship.

The company also has as campaign of environmental responsibility, which develops awareness actions to the staff and their families, besides the program for collection of recyclables.

The industrial plant complies with the laws and with all the commitments assumed by Cosmotec in the environmental management system, preventing pollution, controlling, detecting and monitoring the disposal of residues, packages, wastewater recycling, and products transportation.

Social Accountability Policy

Cosmotec develops its actions based on an ethical and socially responsible performance, respecting society, employees and the community in which it operates. In order to demonstrate this social commitment, Cosmotec established a Social Accountability Policy, whose fundamental principles are defined below:

• Cosmotec undertakes to comply with national and international legislation related to the SA8000 requirements and the international instruments mentioned therein, such as:

- Non-use of child labor and any type of forced labor; - Continuous establishment of a safe and healthy environment for its employees; - Right to collective bargaining; - Absence of any type of discrimination; - Do not support disciplinary practices involving any form of corporal punishment, mental or verbal abuse; - Keep working hours compatible with legal requirements; - Ensure adequate and sufficient remuneration for the basic needs of its employees.

• Cosmotec has a social management system implemented to ensure compliance with the above requirements and to produce continuous improvement of activities related to responsible performance.

• The company preserves the total transparency of its activities with employees.

• Expand to suppliers and third partners its social concern, through a selection and monitoring process that considers their social activities.

Little Starfish Project

Cosmotec encourages its employees and their families to undertake voluntary work for the benefit of institutions that help children and teenagers in situation of social and personal risk.

In 2001, Cosmotec community created “Projeto Estrelinhas-do-Mar” (Little Starfish Project). During its trajectory, it has benefited many people with social actions that target different audiences.

Currently, the project is focused in helping the following institutions:

- Lar Mãe do Divino Amor (LEMDA): institution specialized in caring for people with intellectual disabilities. It hosts more than 40 children and adolescents in permanent multidisciplinary treatment.
- Casa Vida: shelter for HIV seropositive children. It offers full health care, welfare and social inclusion and hosts more than 20 children and adolescents, providing adequate food, housing, study and leisure.

Many other actions are made in behalf of these and other institutions, whenever it is necessary.

To learn more about the institutions and support them:

Lar Mãe do Divino Amor (LEMDA):
Casa Vida: (11) 2606-2185

Campanha Água Q.S.P.

Concerned with the future of our planet and the well-being of the community where it is inserted, Cosmotec launched in World Water Day of 2009 (March 22nd) a project of education and incitement for saving water: “Água Q.S.P.” Campaign.

“Água” means water in Portuguese, and Q.S.P. is Latin acronym that that stands for quantitat suficient per (Quantity Sufficient To…), commonly used in cosmetic formulation. It represents the goal of the initiative: to make each person use only the amount of water necessary to live well, without the wasting and draining of important resources for the planet future generations.

To learn more about the actions of the “Água Q.S.P.” Campaign and get to know water-saving tips, curiosities and news, visit the website: (Portuguese only)


Cosmotec became a sponsor of GRAACC - Support Group for Children and Adolescents with Cancer. The work of this nonprofit organization aims to ensure children and adolescents with the right to access all the chances of cure with quality of life, based in the most advanced scientific standards.

GRAACC’s hospital performs thousands of consultations monthly, divided between chemotherapy sessions, regular consultations, outpatient procedures, surgery and bone marrow transplants, among others.

To learn more about GRAACC’s work, visit:

To view GRAACC's certification received by Cosmotec, click here.

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